Coachella: What to Expect

The best weekend of the year, Coachella! 
Here are some useful tips and what to 
expect while attending.

Useful tips

  • Get up early for the showers, the queues get hectic
  • Free shower gel given out at the shower area (usually Method Body brand). Bring shampoo & conditioner
  • There are trucks that drive around the campsites selling big bags of ice for around $10 so be sure to have cash for that
  • Bring USB car charger and charge your battery pack in your car, the queue at the outlets/plugs in the campsite can get crowded
  • If getting hair/make up done, be down there early as the line builds up quick and early
  • Usually freebies and activities down in the camping hub each day so be sure to check it out on the first day so you know the plan for the whole weekend
  • Plan out your day around the bands/dj’s you want to see so you can go back to the campsite at some point during the day for some drinks and a break from the venue. It gets HOT (over a 100 degrees Fahrenheit) plus the campsite is always a lot of fun with games and making friends!! It’s good to get back to the campsite and head back in for the evening, also grab a shirt or zip up to bring in for the evening as once the sun goes down it gets cool.
  • When with a group try pick a time and a meeting spot before it gets late. Its important to have a location that you can meet at if you get lost in the crowds (dancing). Once it gets dark its impossible to try find anyone. Phone coverage isn’t great, so I wouldn’t rely on your phone for contacting your friends.

Camping Hub

  • Activities tent with games in the shade
  • Grocery shop
  • Beer garden
  • Yoga area
  • Rave area
  • Hair/Beauty Salon
  • Clothes stalls
  • Food stalls



  • In the venue it ranges from shake shack to thai food and everything in between whether you’re a meat lover or vegan there is something and plenty for everyone
  • At the campsite there is a breakfast burrito place, pizza and a few other food stalls


  • With car camping you park and you are given an area beside your car to put up your tent and canopy. Each car is given 10’x30’.
  • There are toilets in every camping lot
  • Shower Area’s are in most camping lots. Options of free showers or VIP super-duper showers which you pay a small fee for.

Venue area

  • Ferris Wheel
    • The iconic Coachella wheel. Definitely do not miss your chance to go up on it. Its around $20pp

  • Art Sculptures
    • There are a lot of art pieces around the festival, always unique and fun to hang out at. Useful meeting spots too.

  • Food & Drink Areas
    • From greasy burgers to healthy options there are so many different types of food to get – around $12 per food item. There is a great selection of drinks whether you’re looking for a cocktail, beer or just a vodka soda, they have it all – around $10 per drink. Freshly squeezed lemonade stands are also sporadically over the venue – around $10

  • Digital hang outs
    • Shade, WiFi and Air Condition, the perfect break away from the heat.

  •  Multiple stages
    • There are multiple stages and also multiple tents where the DJ’s are in full swing

  • Activities
    • There are a lot of activities to do including designing and making water bottles, digital games and walking up a spectra of art. This was one of my favorites, you walked around the cylinder like structure with a 360 view of the whole venue with rainbow colored glass. EPIC!


Well this is it for what to expect and useful tips for Coachella but I have also written a short blog on “What to pack for Coachella” which I will link below.


Thanks for reading if you got this far and I hope I helped in some way. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me I would be happy to answer any additional questions you might have 🙂


Clare x

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