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Le Taha’a Island Resort

Le Taha’a Island & Spa Resort is a five-star hotel that made it onto the illustrious Condé Nast Traveler’s Gold List of the World’s Best Places to Stay. The luxury resort is located in French Polynesia and is apart of the Relais Chåteaux brand. Getting there is a fun adventure, we flew from Faa’a airport in Tahiti, had a stopover in Bora Bora before arriving into Raiatea and then had a 35 minute boat ride to the Island hotel. Once on the Island resort you have a beautiful view of the Vanilla Island, Taha’a and on the other side the silhouette of Bora Bora.

We were greeted at the airport with flower crowns and hei’s and once onboard the boat we were given a cold bottle of water so we sat back and enjoyed the boat journey from the airport to the Island resort. We enjoyed taking in the views of the other Islands as we passed them on route.

The internal flights from Tahiti with Air Tahiti were around $150 return per person and the Boat transfer to the Island resort were around $110 return per person.

Once we arrived to our island, we were greeted by a traditional Tahitian attired man playing us local songs and a lady with cold refreshing face cloths it was the perfect welcome.


Our Room

Once we got checked in we headed for our room. We opted to stay in an overwater bungalow as we wanted easy access to go swimming in the lagoon. We were so impressed by our room, it had AC, a TV, Free mini bar topped up once a day, water bottles replenished every evening, Nespresso coffee machine, turndown service, glass panel that opens to feed the fishes, private deck with sun lounges, outdoor dining area, outdoor shower and access to the lagoon, what more could you want?

Check out the video of our room below:



Dining Options:

  • Breakfast – Le Vanille Restaurant is a tree top restaurant with beautiful views of Taha’a.

  • Lunch –  La Plage is an al fresco type restaurant set in sand and right on the beach and close to the pool

  • Dinner – Le Vanille Restaurant & The Ohiri

You are on an Island resort so you have limited options but if you want to leave the Island there are options for transport by boat to Taha’a the main Island. This can be organized by the Concierge. We spent 5 nights at Le Taha’a Island resort and we ate Dinner there every night and didn’t feel limited. One of the nights was a Polynesian night with entertainment, another was a BBQ evening so we really only had 3 nights at the restaurant and we enjoyed each of the nights and we got to experience the menu. Everything we ate at the resort was very good and to a very high standard but it also has a price tag to go with the quality. For dinner each night you would want to set aside a minimum of $50 each.



The Best Things to do in Taha’a

  • Jet Skiing

One of the best things to do on the Island is the Jet Skiing tour which can be organized at the hotel. It cost around $250 for my husband and I to share a Jet Ski for over 5 hours which was perfect. It was just us and one other couple which made meant we got a lot of knowledge and guidance from our instructors. The instructors were so nice and helpful. Here are the things we did on the Jet Ski tour:


  • Iaorana Pearl Farm

We departed La Taha’a at 9am on the Jet Ski and we first stopped at the Pearl Farm. Taha’a is famous for the Tahitian black pearls. At the Iaorana Pearl Farm, you can see how the pearl farming process works! First off, you need to find an oyster with the best and beautiful colors. Once you select the best oyster, the tissue from the colorful shell is then transplanted/grafted into another shell together with a white nucleus that will form the pearl. Once implanted in the oyster, the oyster is then left hanging in custom nets for a minimum 18 months so the Pearl can produce the colorful material that surrounds the nucleus. The pearls are then harvested and sorted into categories based on roundness and purity from imperfections. Tahitian pearls are not black but have a variety of hues of black, green, blue, and in between, as well as a wide-range of shapes.

  • Swimming and Snorkeling with Sharks

This was an incredible yet scary experience. Our instructors brought us to a location that had clear deep water and plenty of sharks. I think we got to swim with at least 15 sharks. At first, it was scary getting into the water, but we soon realized it wasn’t so bad even though some of the sharks were big. The sharks kept their distance from us and we got some great footage of them up close. Check out the video below of us snorkeling with the sharks:


  • Vallee de la Vanille

Taha’a is famous for having the best vanilla in the world. The tour of Vallee de la Vanille was great. They were very welcoming and had fresh fruit and juice for us up on arrival. We walked through the forest where the vanilla plants are. They explained the whole process and the complexity of growing vanilla. Next, they showed us how they prepare the beans. It’s crazy but vanilla beans don’t smell like vanilla until after 2 years of drying in the sun for a certain amount of time each day and after daily massaging of each bean one by one. Overall this was an enjoyable activity.

  • Coral Garden

Le Taha’a is surrounded by pristine waters and is located right next to a spectacular coral garden. The coral garden is the most renowned snorkeling spot of Taha’a. This crystal clear water channel, which separates two motu’s, is located in an idyllic setting in the middle of one of the largest lagoons of French Polynesia.  This gives you the opportunity to get up close to the colorful sea life. As you snorkel through the preserved corals, you will see lionfish, a school of butterflyfish, brightly colored wrasse, clownfish huddled in their anemones and great giant clams sunbathing right under the surface of the sea. We spent almost an hour snorkeling in the reef. This is a must, but if you are not a strong swimmer, be very careful as the current can be strong and coral is sharp.


The Coral Garden is also the area where we parked up the Jet Ski’s and had lunch. The lunch was also included in the tour price and was really fresh & tasty. It was served off the back of the Jet Ski, it was unique and good fun.


  • Domaine Pari Pari  – Rhum Distillery

We stopped by a rum distillery called Domaine Pari Pari which was a lot of fun and took approximately one hour. We got a tour of how they make the rhum, all the different flavors the history of the company and how long it takes the rhum to mature. We also got to do some samples of the rhum – which were super strong. It was definitely a great experience and the staff were very friendly.


  • Couples Massage  

The day before we departed the resort, we got a couples massage. We opted for the Polynesian massage which is a deep full body massage with your choice of oils. As you walk into the Spa you are greeted with a cold refreshing apple tea and an iced face cloth while you wait for your massage therapist. When the massage therapist arrives you get to a palette of four locally sourced oils to choose from. I chose the Bamboo oil for my massage. The therapist guides you to the  They have a private hot tub that looks out over a lake which was the perfect way to end the massage.

  • Flower Crown Making Class 

Flower Crown Making Workshop is a private activity you can organize via the activities desk. This was one of my highlights of the week, it was so unique and a lovely insight into a part of Polynesian culture. We used flowers from the gardens of the Island. I have attached a link to a video from my flower crown making class.


If you want to learn more, get in touch.

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