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Top 5 Things to do in Hollywood

Tip 1: View the Hollywood Sign

I have two favorite viewing points of the Hollywood sign. Lake Hollywood Park which gives you the best view of the sign without having to do a hike. Lake Hollywood Park barely requires walking as you can park and the sign is directly in sight.

The Hollywood sign hike then is the opposite – it is a 6mile hike round trip and is demanding on hot days (which is a lot of the time in LA) I love this hike and this is probably my favorite way of seeing the sign. You get to hike behind the Hollywood sign along with catching some cool front and side views of the sign. You can also find the best view of LA along with getting to check out the San Fernando Valley – it’s really cool.


Recommendation: It can get heavily trafficked during the day so early morning is the best option as parking is limited. Bring water, sunscreen, hats, sunglasses and wear comfortable shoes.

Tip 2: Hollywood Walk of Fame

The Hollywood walk of fame is the type of place where you can be entertained for ten minutes or 10 hours depending on what you want to see or do. The Hollywood Walk of Fame is a busy area which has over 2,600 five-pointed stars embedded in the sidewalks along 15 blocks of the Hollywood Boulevard in California. The stars represent the names of a mix of musicians, actors, directors, producers, fictional characters and others. The Chinese theater, Madame Tussauds, Ripleys Believe it or not and the Dolby Theater (where the Oscars are held each year) are all based here. The mall has a viewing point of the Hollywood sign on the third floor which is perfect for someone who is on a tight schedule and trying to fit everything in.
Recommendation: Park in the Highland and Hollywood mall. It will only cost $2 after validation if you eat in the restaurants in the mall. I love The Hard Rock Café which is also in the mall. Do the tour of the Dolby theater, it’s really fun watching the Oscars and saying you were there!

Tip 3: Viewing Celebrity Homes

Let’s face it we all want to know where our favorite star lives! And getting the chance to see them either entering or exiting their home is exciting.
I would suggest if you have a car, drive around both the Beverly and the Hollywood hills. You will find a lady selling maps (these maps have all the celebrity addresses) across the road from the house Michael Jackson was last living in before he died. The address is 100 N. Carolwood Drive, Los Angeles. I recommend driving around with the map as you can select who’s house you want to see whether it be Sylvester Stallone or Simon Cowell. It’s a fun drive exploring and seeing where your favorite celebrity lives and who their neighbors are.
If you don’t have a car, don’t worry you can still get to see the celebrity homes with a guided tour. These tours leave from the Hollywood walk of fame and are generally around $60pp. The guides are excellent and have many stories to tell as they drive you through the hills and point out some celebrity homes.
Recommendation: If you have a car buy the celebrity homes map and drive around the hills yourself.


Tip 4: Go See a TV Show Being Recorded

If you are planning a trip to Hollywood, I would recommend entering the lottery for the TV shows. You can enter online here and the further back you go the more of a chance you have of getting lucky with free tickets. These shows usually record Monday – Thursday. For example, Jimmy Kimmel’s show is recorded in the theater on Hollywood Blvd. If you happen to get lucky with a ticket, make sure and get there early as they overbook the show to ensure they fill the studio so although you might have a ticket if you aren’t there early you might not get to go. These shows are such a great experience and a lot of fun to attend!
Recommendation: apply for tickets minimum three weeks prior and keep trying it’s worth it!

Tip 5: Go to a Concert at the Hollywood Bowl

This iconic concert venue is a must! If you are planning a trip to Hollywood definitely check out who is playing here during your stay.
Recommendation: Try to stay in a hotel within walking distance as the volume of people and traffic is not fun after the concert/ show is over.



I really hope you guys enjoyed reading this blog post – Happy traveling ✨

Clare x

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